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Getting Serious about Waste, Fraud and Abuse

Instead of doing something to address the growing problem of fraud and abuse within our welfare system and within his own administration, Gov. LePage has squandered his first three and a half years in office, waiting until an election year to address these serious challenges and demonizing any program or service that he disagrees with—whether it’s municipal revenue sharing for towns or even Social Security for seniors—as “welfare.”

I will not tolerate waste, fraud or abuse at any level of government, whether it’s  opposing welfare for people who are in this country illegally, cracking down on those who tried to game the system by falsifying records at VA health centers across the country or rooting out mismanagement in our own state agencies here in Maine.

Governor LePage talks a lot about waste, fraud, and abuse in the State of Maine, but with each passing day, we're discovering most of it comes from Governor LePage himself. Scandal after scandal, the Governor's mismanagement has cost Maine taxpayers millions of dollars and hurt countless working families and businesses, and his actions have undermined Mainer's trust in government.

That's why I've proposed a plan to truly combat waste, fraud, and abuse in our state while that will also help make our anti-poverty programs more efficient and effective at helping families to actually recover from poverty.

Read my plan below, then please share with your friends and family to help get the word out about this important proposal.


Creating the Office of the Inspector General For the Department of Health and Human Services


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