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Mike is proud to stand up for Mainers, and prominent orgainzations all across the state recognize his hard work. Find below a list of endorsements for Mike's candidacy for Governor of Maine.


AFCSME Council 93 - American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

American Maritime Officers

"Michaud’s impressive record of public service at both the state and federal levels uniquely prepares him for the office of governor. Beyond his practical experience in government, though, is his background as a mill worker, which makes him intimately familiar with the challenges so many men and women face on a daily basis. The residents of Maine can be confident that Mike Michaud will work tirelessly to assure that Maine is a good place to make a living.”

Thomas J. Bethel, national president of the American Maritime Officers

Democracy for America

"Mike Michaud is the progressive, common-sense alternative to the extremist Paul LePage.”

-Charles Chamberlain, executive director of Democracy for America 

Environment Maine

“Mike Michaud is the candidate with the best track record to protect Maine’s environment. He has a stellar voting record on the environment in Congress and a strong vision to protect Maine’s natural legacy and transition our state to clean energy. We are proud to endorse Mike and will work hard to ensure he’s our next governor.”

-Environment Maine Director Emily Figdor

Equality Maine

"Mike's the best candidate to move Maine forward; to tackle the tough issues and bring people together. I worked with Mike in the Maine legislature and I know he has the leadership, vision and integrity to lead and effectively govern. Additionally, as the first openly LGBT person elected to the Maine legislature, I know firsthand the importance of electing LGBT candidates."

-Dale McCormick, from the EQME endorsement

Human Rights Campaign

"Mike Michaud has been a champion for equality during his long service in Congress.His dedication to the LGBT community and his commitment to fairness for all Maine families make him the right choice for Governor.”

- Tom O’Donnell, HRC vice president for policy and political affairs

IAMAW Local 6 & 7

"Mike is one of us, a Maine worker. He knows our concerns because he has lived them himself."

IBEW LU 2327

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees

International Union of Painters & Allied Trades



“Mike Michaud has always been a champion for working families. He knows the value of hard work and he knows that Maine workers deserve a Governor who respects them and will stand up for them.

Mike is proud of Maine workers and wants to work together to build a better future and more opportunities for everyone to succeed. We need to move Maine forward, and Mike Michaud is the right person for that job.”

-Don Berry, an electrician and President of the Maine AFL-CIO

Maine Association of Police

"Mike Michaud has worked diligently to support first responders and our issues both in Washington and back here in Maine."

Maine Conservation Voters

"Maine Conservation Voters believes Mike Michaud is best suited to turn things around in Augusta and the best choice to be Maine’s next governor."

Maine Credit Union League

"From his time in the state Legislature including serving as Senate president to his six terms in Congress, Congressman Michaud has been a great friend to Maine’s credit unions."

Maine Education Association

"It was clear that Mike Michaud will be a governor who puts public school students first."

Maine People's Alliance

"On health care, the environment, education, equal rights and a fair economy, Michaud supports policies that will move us forward and has been a champion for regular Mainers."

Maine State Employees Association

“Mike Michaud stands for fair wages for an honest day’s work. Mike Michaud stands for healthcare for when you or your family needs to go to the doctor. And he stands for the belief that all of us, someday, will be able to retire after a lifetime of hard work. That’s why we support my congressman, Mike Michaud, for governor.”

-Wade Colpitts, MSEA-SEIU member  of Calais, who works for the Maine Department of Transportation

Maine State Troopers Association

“We know Mike has the qualities our troopers possess; integrity, fairness, compassion and excellence. We know Mike shares our values and the commitment to make lives better in this great state. We believe that he will be an excellent governor and from our point of view, Maine will be a safer and more secure place under his leadership.  It is with great pleasure that the Maine State Troopers Association endorses Mike Michaud to serve as Maine's next governor.”

-Maine State Troopers Association president Aaron Turcotte

Marine Engineers' Beneficial Association

“Throughout his congressional service, Rep. Michaud’s track record for supporting good middle-class jobs has prepared him well to help steer Maine in the right direction. While the U.S. Congress will not be the same without him, we are confident that he is the right person for the job."

-Marshall Ainley, president of the Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association

Masters, Mates & Pilots Union

"He has been a vigorous fighter on behalf of the American maritime worker, doing all that he can to make sure American jobs stay here and are not outsourced to foreign workers. We are confident he will bring this same commitment as governor on behalf of all workers in Maine."

-Capt. Don Marcus, president of the Masters, Mates & Pilots Union

NARAL Pro-Choice America

“We are proud to endorse Representative Michael Michaud in his campaign to become Maine’s next governor. With the onslaught of attacks against women’s reproductive freedom in recent years, voters know that it is more important than ever to elect leaders who will protect women’s fundamental rights. NARAL will work to educate Maine voters about Michaud’s strong pro-choice values and why he is the best candidate for the job.”

-NARAL Pro-Choice America president Ilyse Hogue

Northern New England Laborers

Planned Parenthood Maine Action Fund

“Mike is a trusted supporter of our issues. He is a strong, thoughtful and experienced leader, and we’re proud to endorse him as the candidate we can count on to move Maine forward.”

Nicole Clegg, Chair of the Maine Action Fund PAC

Professional Fire Fighters of Maine

"We are getting behind Mike early because we want to let people know that Mike has always stood with us and that Maine firefighters are standing with him."

Seafarers International Union

"Rep. Michaud has been a key supporter of labor and the maritime industry throughout his career in Congress. We look forward to working with him in Maine and rest assured that he will bring the same level of hard work and dedication to Augusta that he did to Washington."

-Michael Sacco, president of the Seafarers International Union

Sierra Club

"Mike Michaud shares Mainers’ conservation values, and he understands that protecting our precious environment and public health is critical to Maine’s economic vitality"


“[Mike Michaud] is a man that you can depend on doing exactly what he says he is going to do to help move Maine forward.”

United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the US and Canada

United Auto Workers

“Mike has a proven record of fighting for working people in Maine and he has never let us down. While he will be missed in Congress, it is time for Maine to have a Governor who cares about working families, good jobs and an economy that is fair and just for everyone."

-Julie Kushner, UAW Region 9A's Director

United Food & Commercial Workers

“Mike Michaud stands for fair wages for an honest day’s work. Mike Michaud stands for healthcare for when you or your family needs to go to the doctor. And he stands for the belief that all of us, someday, will be able to retire after a lifetime of hard work. That’s why we support my congressman, Mike Michaud, for governor.”


United Steel Workers

"Whether in Augusta or Washington, D.C., Maine can count on Mike Michaud to support workers’ freedom to organize and bargain collectively for fair wages, benefits and safe working conditions. Most importantly, Mike Michaud will prioritize creating family supporting, community sustaining jobs.”

-Leo W. Gerard, USW International President 

Victory Fund

"Mike's example will promote understanding and show the importance of being open and honest about who you are."

-Chuck Wolfe, President


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