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  • Why do you like Mike? Share your video.

    We know that real, personal stories are the most powerful tool we have in convincing our friends and neighbors to vote for Mike Michaud. Share you videos of why you support Mike and we'll feature them on our website!  
  • Read & Share Mike's Plan to Build a Stronger Economy

    MAINE MADE is Mike's business and investment plan that focuses on strengthening Maine’s economy and creating jobs. Learn more about it!
  • See what organizations are supporting Mike!

    The coalition supporting Mike's campaign continues to grow! He's already earned endorsements from a diverse group of progressive organizations that represent teachers, environmentalists, workers, and so much more. Click here to learn more!
  • Donate today and get a bumper sticker!

    Donate to Mike's campaign today and we'll send you a bumper sticker!
  • Watch the Video!

    Watch “Made in Maine,” a biographical web video that tells the story of Mike’s upbringing in East Millinocket, his entry into public service, and the values he brings to the current race.   

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